Bookworm Adventures

Bookworm Adventures

The main character of this game is Lex. He loves to spell out words
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The main character of this game is Lex, the Bookworm. He loves to spell out words. His mission is to rescue Cassandra, the Oracle. To do this he must pass through different levels. Along the way, he will encounter emenies that will try to stop him. the way Lex defends himself from these enemies is by spelling out words. There is a box of letter tiles from which Lex has to form words. the more complex the word, the more energy it takes from his enemies. You can choose any letter in the box. there is no specific order in which the letter have to be chosen. The words formed must be at least three letters long. To put this newly spelled word into practice, you must form the desired word and then hit the attack button. But be careful, the enemies also attack Lex by taking his energy away. As you progress through the game, Lex’s enemies levels increase, and they are stronger. By being stronger, they also take more of Lex’s energy when they attack him. After completing each chapter, Lex is awarded special powers that will help him throughout his journey.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • It enhances your spelling skills


  • The enemies can take up too much energy
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